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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Something completely different- Scooters!

Ok, here's a only slightly embarrassing secret most of you don't know about me- I like motorscooters. I've actually owned 2 different ones over the years, the last real scooter was a 1963 Lambretta 175. And I've been thinking about another scooter to ease the pain of my weekly gasoline bill for my truck and my daily commute.

Since the boy moved back into the house and began commuting to Job Corp, I've had to start driving the truck every day, and that's expensive. I'm also paying for his commuting expenses since his JC gas allowance isn't enough for his costs! Another reason to not drive the truck every day is that it has 87,000 miles on it as of tonight and I'm not anxious to replace it in the foreseeable future, so I'm willing to leave it sit as often as possible.

Today the BSU had a Dr's appointment in Salt Lake City and I escorted her as I always do since she's not safe to drive. After seeing the Doc, I asked her, as I always do, if there was anything else she would like to see or do while we are in town. And, as usual, she had nothing else on her agenda. So I asked her if she would mind a side trip to a scooter dealer that I knew about and she agreed to go along, if only to keep my enthusiasm in check.

What a neat place we found! Their website needs lots of help but the store is very nice. There were two shiny scooters outside and another dozen inside for me to look at. The proprietor there was enthusiastic, informed and friendly and he proudly let me set on most of the rigs in his showroom.

This Stella is a brand new 1970 Vespa model now proudly manufactured in India. (This really is a 2004 model.) The mint green was a very good color but there was one special model that was British Racing Green and had a brown seat and some special badging that was very pretty. Obviously this scooter retains all the traditional scooter appearance and the less obviously, it still has the 4 speed, twist-grip shift transmission. Its the only scooter that still has a manual transmission, every other one has gone to the CVT belt drive route.

The model that really caught my eye was this Mojito Custom. Make sure to click the link for the bigger picture to get an idea just how pretty the baby blue and white model is. This rig is very, very pretty! It is 50s retro cool and shiny as any Harley. Sitting on the bike I could actually see my own reflection in three places! That chrome headlight bucket facing back would be perfect for checking out the silly grin that would no doubt occupy my mug if I were riding it every day. It is available as a 50cc bike or with 150cc though that really drives the price into a tough to afford range. The proprietor assured me that the 50cc rig is plenty if its just me commuting to work but the big motor sure seems to be the rig for hauling my overweight butt around.

I didn't test ride any tonight. It was tempting. The BSU was extremely tolerant of my dawdling and questions and tire-kicking, which was surprising and pleasant. I don't have enough money to consider one of these pretty toys nor the readily available credit that would let me walk in and sign on the line for my favorite but I could, with a little effort have enough cash stashed over the winter to have one of these payed for by riding season next spring. So that's something for me to think about. There's still riding season here- really through October almost unless the winter arrives before Halloween like it did last year but I think I will have to reflect and plan for spring. And convice the spouse too of course though she didn't seem to concerned about anything except the amount of money a purchase would require.

I do have two very nice mountain bikes in my shop that I could sell... hmm.

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